What happens when pigs fly ?! (Fluffy Gunners dev update)



The last few months development of Fluffy Gunners has been at a hectic pace. But the long days and late nights are starting to pay off with new levels, enemies, prizes, spawning system, bosses and animations, amidst a-plenty of cups of tea. I’ve found that drinking from a cold cup a sure sign of a productive session!

The Alpha testing group feedback has also been instrumental in knocking the game into shape. I can’t thank those enough that have taken part, the feedback has really given me the boost I needed to step up gears over the last month.


Apart from development of Fluffy Gunners itself, I have been kept busy with the nuts and bolts of getting Nicemojo up and running. Doing it all has been a steep learning curve in the myriad of things needed to plan and start an indie games company.

I was also lucky enough to be eligible for the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme,  NEIS program, a government run program which provides training and support while getting  your business on its feet. They give you lots of information on book keeping, tax, marketing, financial plans etc. Its been really helpful in getting everything set up. It also helps that my trainer has previously  released an app, her understanding of the specific needs of people starting a games company has been awesome.

Also the community of indies is one of the most sharing and friendly out there. There are so many insights into other peoples experiences, their processes, successes, tips and pitfalls. Gamasutra and the GDC vaults are great resources with such a wide variety of articles in one place. Local meetups and social groups you can find on Facebook, and sites like Meetup.com are also great ways to get mingling with other game devs. For a solo developer these groups are  a great way to socialize, present ideas and get feedback, they are super friendly and helpful and its great to be a part of and support local developers.

There is still a lot to be done on between now and release, and if (computerized) pigs can fly, than anything is possible! I’ll be sure to keep you updated on latest developments.