Smack Dash



Throw down with a cast of characters against an 80’s skyline sunset in the new mobile finger brawler from Nicemojo.

With yet fast paced simple yet frantic mobile controls inspired by Silver Dollar Games’ One Finger Death Punch. Enemies approaching from the left and right of the player can be attacked when they enter the left and right attack zones. Dash-attacking is the only way to move: timing¬† left and right attacks are key to moving long distances and surviving for as long as possible during the increasingly hectic brawl.


Missing an attack causes a cool down effect and leaves you vulnerable for a moment,¬† better hope you left the closest enemy stunned, or you’re gonna take a hit!

Give a boost to your ring balance using Challenge mode. Set yourself various challenges of to receive rings which can be spent on a lucky dip boxing screen to receive one of the many unique characters.

Smack Dash is scheduled for release October 2017.





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