Guns, Explosions and Unity 5.5 Upgrades

Wow, the last 2 weeks have flown by! Fluffy Gunners is really starting take shape as the game loop has been coming together. I’ve been busy working on integrating the game UI, gun upgrade and character select system and juicing up the explosions.

I also purchased a Unity Plus license subscription, which means I can now have a professional looking game splash screen, and also bask in the only  previously glimpsed dark skin Editor UI. On the back of this I also bravely upgraded to Unity to 5.5. Upon doing so, I immediately regretted it, the Gunners build repeatedly crashed during testing. That was until I found, deep in a hidden subdirectory, the much needed Error logging files which gave me the info needed to fix the engine crashing bug. It was simply the Unity Ads and IAP services that needed reimporting, pretty obvious with 20/20 hindsight.

A feature of the Unity upgrade is new trails effects for practical systems which I think look pretty darn cool. I’ve been busy implementing them to make colorful explosions with streamer-like trails. It now feels a bit like smashing open a piniata everytime I destroy an enemy.

Also I’ve been developing a stackable weapons upgrade system. It starts with a basic double cannon then continues wide shots and/or quad shots, a little gunny pal to assist in destruction, and also there is am upgrade  which changes the view to a first person perspective, for maximum shooty accuracy.

Check out the gif to to see the gunny chicken pal and the juicy new explosions.



At the very moment, in an effort to make the game as compatible as possible, I’m testing Gunners on a few different phones ranging from the old and clunky to the new and shiny variety. I’ve had to make a few tweaks to some images and shaders but so far it has been playing as smoothly as I’d hoped on older devices. Also like a good Christmas helper, I’m aiming to have to a beta test version ready before the festive season.

Until next post, stay free radical gamers, y’all.






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