Brisbane International Game Developers Assocation 2015 Conference

Having just attended BRIGDA forum held over the weekend, I found a vibrant scene of local independent developers both rising and established. This was a great relief to me as I plug away at my computer with little contact with other developers other than online (and even then, not nearly enough as I should), I think I needed to see and hear other developers who have found a space for themselves to do what they are passionate about, making games.

With a theme of “What if…?” the program of panelists tackled questions about where games were going into the future and how stories from developers who have struck out on there own. Also refreshingly there was discussion about the health (both physical and mental) of gamers and devs, which is an issue that effects almost everyone, whether directly or someone they know.

The afternoon industry discussion from industry veterans Matt Hall (Hipster Whale), and Luke Muscat, Phil Larsen, Hugh Walkers (Pretty Great Studios) offering an insight into the industry, how they operate when making games, and striking out on there own. It was heartening to see and hear local successes such as this, and to realise that although still a dream, making games for a living may actually be possible.

With plenty of breaks to meet with other devs and students attending, it was invaluable experience, one that I could not get by watching online IGDA talks. Now I can’t wait for Pax 2015…

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